Эссе на английском языке на мое свободное время

Сочинение по английскому языку на тему my free time

Everybody sometimes has a free time. Somebody prefers passive recreation, and somebody active. I cannot say that I love outdoor activities, but I cannot justsleep! Iprefer to do lotsof interesting things. It may be reading, different sport games, listening to music. If my family and I havean entire week off, sowe prefer to go to the attractive places. If its summer we usually go to swim somewhere and have a lot of outdoor activites.Many people think that pupils and studients have too much liesure time, but in my opinion, they are wrong. As for me its really important nowadays dont forget about real world. I think you know abouthigh tech. They make you forget about the simple pleasures of life, moreover, is very badfor health.We are very busy. Many pupils have six or seven lessons a day and go to school five or six days a week. Even during weekend we learn our lessons. Because this factwe just havent time to go somewhere. As for me, a large part of my free time is devoted to reading and learning new things. I like to read books about another countries, another times and another worlds.Also I read books about history of our country. I love poetry and prose. People think that reading is boring. I never be agree with tnem!Besides reading I like to do some sports. I like basketball and this game is amazing, but the way…But my favorite hobby is travelling. My big dream is to visit every country in the world

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